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Tugs/Multicats (UK/Europe/Caspian Sea/West Africa/Middle East)


Please read our requirements carefully before applying. If you do not have the required experience, certification and documented sea time, your application will not be considered.



We are aware of individuals receiving fraudulent employment offers from our company. Any email messages that are not received from our domain name holyhead.co.uk are not genuine and should be ignored.


Updated 3rd September 2018

Position: Multicat Master
Minimum certification: 200gt (UK CeC required)
Vessel: Puffin Island
Type: Multicat
Flag: UK
Location: Mexico
Work: Anchor Handling / Barge Handling
Experience: Anchor Handling / Barge Handling with Multicat
Joining date: Immediate
Rotation: 6:6 Weeks
Vacancy type: Permanent within our fleet for the right candidate
Other Requirements:
Experience as Master onboard a Multicat essential






























English Language Requirement / Certification

English is the working language onboard all our vessels. Any applicants who do not hold a UK issued Certificate of Competence must be able to demonstrate a high level of understanding in the English language by passing the ISF Marlins English Language Test at an MCA recognised test centre. This also applies to UK CEC holders. Our requirements depend on the area of operation and flag of the vessel. Please note our requirements for each vacancy. Online tests are not accepted.

If you are unable to produce an ISF English Marlins Test Certificate with our minimum requirements, please do not apply, your application will not be concidered.

For more information on the ISF English Marlins test Click here.


Please send your application to crewapplications@holyhead.co.uk including an up to date CV and copy of the front page of your CoC/CEC including any pages listing limitations/restrictions and expiry date.

Holders of non UK issued CoC's must also attach a copy of an ISF English Marlins Test Certificate issued by an MCA recognised test centre. The test results must meet our minimum requirements.

PLEASE NOTE: Your application will not be considered without the above documentation.

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